Selina Bentz – Black Ambush (Full Version)

We reached way back into the BlackAmbush vault to find Selina Bentz’s first BBC ever and I’m so glad we found this, what we thought was a lost scene. This scene’s a bit old school in it’s style of shooting and cinematography but it’s going to be a classic. This is Miss Bentz’s second sex on camera and she’s top rated #18 in fact over at ExCoGi and this girl knows how to be a dirty little slut. It’s also with Jake Adam’s and he couldn’t be happier to trick this hot fucking piece of pussy into thinking she’s fucking him once again for ExCoGi. Except we have a very nice surprise waiting for her back in the hotel bathroom. A very big BBC attached to Isiah Maxwell for the biggest cock she’s ever seen or fucked. Selina is an admitted slut who can take whatever is dished out to her and this ambush was golden. Not golden in the shower sense but golden in the priceless kind because for Selina’s bought into the cliché of once you go black you never go back.