Paulina – Backroom Casting Couch

18 year old High School dropout Paulina’s boyfriend is visiting family overseas, which in her mind means there is no boyfriend. But there are still bills to pay and thanks to our shitty economy, porn is her answer to take care of that,preferably quickly before her little man comes home, or her room mate kicks her out for not pulling her weight financially. She’s a bit of s smart ass and thinks she knows more about how the world works than she really does, but at least she has decent work ethic. “Okay, that was blunt” is her first reaction when I disclose to her what she’ll have to do for this ‘demo tape’ to get in front of the producers. “Well, I do what I have to” is her second reaction. It’s pretty smooth sailing from there. She seems to enjoy being fucked on the desk more than she should, and she even let’s me cum in her mouth, something she reserves only for “special occasions”, as she puts it. $1000-$5000 per day is that special occasion, apparently. Maybe that’ll happen one day for her if she cleans up a bit, drops that smart ass attitude, and learns how to put on some makeup. And bathe in Clearasil.