Myrtle & Brie – Exploited College Girls

This update has a little good girl bad girl thing going on. Innocent blonde Brie who, at the tender age of 18, has never even given a blowjob and slutty Myrtle, the bad girl doing her best to corrupt her, star in an epic threesome. Good or bad, they are both beyond cute and seem equally submissive, so as long as I don’t break character as the all powerful director, these girls are going to do anything I say. I test this out by having them undress and getting Myrtle to help me give Brie an orgasm with a couple of toys.So, two toys, two girls and two orgasms, so far, so good. Next up, two girls one cock. I get these two into a bunch of amazing positions, but in every one of them both of their mouths end up wrapped around my dick (not a coincidence.) Once I’m nice and hard I enlist Brie as camera girl while I fuck Myrtle and then have them switch so I can punish Brie’s innocent little pussy while Myrtle watches and films.I switch to cowgirl so I can get a chance to pound both of them equally, though I think Brie likes it best. She seems to respond most to riding me. Between having them both ride me and getting them face down, ass up and ending up in an awesome 69 I get a ton of great action right up to to the finish – a combination creampie 69 facial where I pull out of Myrtle just in time to finish shooting my load on Brie’s face.