Libby – Backroom Casting Couch 1478

Libby from Quebec, Canada is a pre-grad student who is drowning in student loan debts and hopes that porn money might be the answer to her troubles. Even her boyfriend (supposedly) supports this decision. Considering how terrible she is at sucking cock, maybe he’s just glad that someone else is doing her for a day. Libby looks and acts like a fish out of water when she gets cocked, like she’s not sure what to feel or how to act with a dick in her un-shaved pussy. But all this is forgiven when Vince accidentally puts his big dick in her ass while she’s bent over the desk…and she doesn’t say anything. Not a peep. No complaining, nothing. Oh sure, NOW when we watch the footage we can see her facial expressions, but at the time agent-in-training Vince didn’t know he was in the wrong hole.. .or did he? Hmmmm.. Libby does take to anal extremely well, there is nary a grimace of pain when she rides Vince’s dick on the couch. Taking a step back, Libby did mention anal as one of the first things she thinks she’d be doing if she was ever hired for a porn video. Looks like this one’s a closet anal freak. Vince cums inside Libby’s pussy before we send her packing to go back to her boyfriend with a womb full of sperm and the same empty pockets she came in with.