Crystal Taylor – Hot MILFs Fuck

Hello everyone and welcome to the launch of HMF and our inaugural scenes. If you’re familiar with ExCoGi then you’ll feel right at home because this series is the same premise only with MILFs. My father said, “If it isn’t broke don’t fix it.” So that’s what we’re doing and today I am pleased to introduce Crystal Taylor to all of you. So Crystal’s scene was shot back on 7/26/2020 and is her first scene ever. I know, I know, I know its February 2021. We had some difficulties but its well worth the wait I promise because Crystal’s an acrobat and aerialist who loves to spin, and spin she does. What does she spin on Steve? She loves to spin on cock and spin she does so well as you’ll find out today. She loves to spread her legs also and is a total submissive with her partners. Just the type of girls we like here at HMF and Jay gets right to it so without further ado here’s Crystal!