Charli – Backroom Casting Couch

It’s Dress-Up-Like-A-Slut-Day aka Halloween, and Charli knew she’ll be sucking someone’s cock by tonight. She just didn’t know it would be mine. Why she would want to audition for porn roles right before she heads off to a Halloween party is beyond me, Charli doesn’t think things through much. Or talk much. She doesn’t need to, she knows what to do with a cock, and she does as she’s told. Without hesitation she sucks me off so fast that I cum in her mouth within like two minutes. She doesn’t wake up until I talk her into anal. Which she takes like a champ. Several times. I finish again on her face and she’s worried she didn’t do too well and she lists the things she can improve on. I could assure her that the producers I would send her tape to love attention whores who can’t say ‘no’. Instead I tell her if she doesn’t hear back from me within 3 weeks then they’re not hiring. (Guess what – they’re not hiring.)