Bianca (The Head Doctor Is In) – Backroom Casting Couch

We’ve got 21 year old Bianca today. She’s a young lady who works in an auto-parts factory which sounds horrendous. As a former factory worker, I KNOW it’s horrendous. So we welcome her with open arms to the iconic black couch. She a really nice and down to earth girl, seems like she’s just trying to make it, so lets see if we can set her on the right track. She’s got a killer body built for comfort, nice tits, and a great big ol’ ass. So I think we’re gonna have some fun today. We get to know her a little better on the couch before she strips off that pretty yellow dress and reveals that vivaaaacious body underneath. She doesn’t hesitate to put my cock in her mouth when it’s time for that, and she sucks the hell outta my dick ya’ll. She’s got that long stroke, tickle the tip of my dick good brains my friends and ain’t nothing better. She gets some missionary, I toss her some back shots and make that booty shake. She’s a great rider, and I knew she would be. I pound that pussy in pile driver then paint that beautiful face with my thick baby batter. She’s definitely cut out for this kind of work, but you guys know how it goes… she’s gonna have to take a few more shifts at the factory, because that’s not how we do it here.