Ava – Hot MILFs Fuck

Today we have the very first HMF scene we ever shot & things start off with the airport pickup and we all get to know Ava a little and it’s obvious she has no idea Jay had cameras in the car and wanted her to get right down to sucking dick. Well Ava’s no school girl either and actually seemed quite excited to suck dick right away, showing all the typical slutty qualities we look for in a hot MILF and was more than willing to oblige and blow Jay on the drive back to the hotel. This girl is horny and I can vouch for this. She actually propositioned me when I stopped over afterwards to pay everyone and it’s just not my thing you know? Yea… sloppy seconds, but thanks anyways honey. So meanwhile back at the ranch, and after a little more of the bedroom chit chat, Ava plays with herself and has two, yes two orgasms before Jay gets more of that sloppy blowjob then fucks that pretty little slit of hers. She also lets Jay shove a butt plug up that ass in doggy for her first ever DP with toys before he blows his huge load all over her face. I think, no I know some of it also was shot right up her right nostril and apparently went down the back of her throat because she couldn’t stop coughing. Sorry about that Ava but lets focus on all of the positives of today ok? You shot your very first porno. Love that. You got to fuck a good-looking guy with gorgeous blue/green eyes, which you just kept gawking all over. You came multiple times and swallowed cum which you said was your favorite, even though you drank some of it through your nose. So all in all I’d say it was a damn pretty good and successful day wouldn’t you? Exactly. So enjoy Ava everyone.