Ariel (She Looks Like That Mermaid) – Backroom Casting Couch

27 year old social worker Ariel is a beautiful redhead. You should all know how I feel about redheads at this point. Ariel is sick of all the paperwork and red tape that comes with being a social worker. Lately she’s been wondering if putting wieners in her mouth for money is a better business venture. I’m here to say that it for sure is. I mean it for sure could be… you also should know how we feel about paying models too. What she is going to get today is a very valuable life lesson, one I’m happy to teach this undercover freak. I mentioned it before, she’s quiet. Like quiet, quiet. So very soft spoken and very nervous. She met Rick when he brought her in for the pre-interview, but she’s never met me and doesn’t know my dick is going to be in her mouth in about 20 minutes. Rick puts her on the couch, interviews her, we get her naked, take a look at those monster mommy milkers and her butthole. Next, we give her a vibrator and some toys to get her going. When it’s time for said dick to be in said mouth, you can really sense the hesitation and nerves she’s feeling, but she really does handle it all well. Afer that, I rail her throughout the office. We try some new riding on the floor positions you “producers” will like. We finish up with buttstuff, and she really seems to enjoy it. She complies when it’s time for ass to mouth and we get a decent little mini gape outta her. I finish up in the spoon position because I’m pretty sure that’s what she was talking about during the interview. Just before its time to pop I move over to that pussy and fill it up. When I get outta dodge, Rick tosses her that vibe and lets her go to town and catch a quick orgasm. He sits her up, tells her she isn’t getting paid while I hurl her clothes at her, and off she goes.