Alaina (One Girl, Three Holes, Ten Juice Boxes) – Hot MILFs Fuck

Ass eaters rejoice! Because, “I love eating ass,” is what this woman said was her all time favorite thing to do sexually, and even though I wasn’t at this shoot and didn’t get to meet her in person, she holds a very special place in my heart. You see I love having my ass eaten and it’s something that everyone, both men and women I think should experience at least once in their life. So what else does this late bloomer have as an obsession when it cums to sex. Well like the title of this scene states, she loves juice boxes and blowjobs. Not necessarily in that order mind you but they go hand in cock in mouth so let me explain. “I have a dry mouth”, she explains, “so I always carry a few juice boxes in my purse just in case I get to suck a cock because no one likes a dry blowjob” she tells us. Love it and this girl loves to suck cock and gets right to it after Tyler films her pissing in the bathroom before the debauchery lays waste to this innocent girl turned super slut in the bedroom. And a super slut she is and proud of it she claims but lets back up a little and start from the beginning shall we? In the beginning, this woman states she was as pure and innocent as virgin snow atop a mountain and wouldn’t think of such pleasures of the flesh before wedlock. Well as the saying goes, ‘there are no good girls gone bad. Just bad girls found out,’ and Alaina’s no different. In fact once she experienced a little taste of the naughtier side of life there was no stopping this shy and sweet little whore from experiencing life to the fullest and today we’re putting all of her life experiences on full display for our members to enjoy, Just look at the tags because everything including the kitchen sink was included in this scene and Tyler fully worked over this Milf’s holes for one fun as fuck sex-fest of a good time and this Milf ranks as a top fuck in Tyler’s book, and that’s saying something. So enjoy Alaina everyone because Tyler sure as fuck did.