Felicia – Backroom Casting Couch

“Because I’m 18 now and I can” shouldn’t be the main reason for anyone to want to get into porn. But I take it. Felicia has a boyfriend whom she claims she will tell ‘once she starts doing it regularly’. I doubt she will tell him about today though. If she keeps going, real producers will have an easy time because any girl who lets herself get assfucked (with lube bottle in her pussy, as a bonus) and inseminated for free has some pretty low expectations and self esteem. And if that doesn’t work then there’s always that medical license she’s working toward. Felicia is pretty enthusiastic – and good – for having had only two guys in her life. Make that 3 now. She reveals how she learned what to do on camera when she gets dressed to go watch Harry Potter at the theater. Anal sex, promises, and wizards. Today is full of fucking magic for her.