Alexandra Rose: Modeling Audition – LA New Girl

Our latest recruit is a super cute brunette from Florida who just turned 18 less than three months ago. What a cutie pie she is! She has a perfect TEEN BODY. In this episode, you will get to know her very well because she spends time “hanging out” with our Producer – both of them going to the mall – and hitting it off. Yes they did get caught in the rain – which is VERY rare in LA. Nonetheless, our cute brunette loves sucking cocks. She enjoys taking our Producer’s hard cock out and putting it in her mouth. But now, she wants to get fucked. “OK, sure, you can use my cock to myself cum”, he says – and she did multiple times. Cumming over and over on his cock! He finally shoots his cum inside her, and lets her push it out into a martini glass for her to swallow. “Yum”, she says.