Lourdes – Backroom Casting Couch 1273

Memorable highlights? I knocked her up. Well, probably. 18 year old Lourdes’ impressive resume as house/dog sitter is not what made me invite her over. The fact that she sounds and acts like a reasonably gullible High School senior is. What better way to start your adult life than do porn, right? Too bad little Ms. Babyfat is not going to trade her house sitter career in for porn stardom any time soon, no matter how hard she tried with me. Lourdes attempts to be a big girl for the camera and gags herself while blowing me, except she didn’t anticipate getting tears in her eyes. That one’s a first for her. She creams up my cock and I have her taste her own cum. Oddly enough, NOT a first for her. All good stuff. And then… I should’ve asked her if she’s on birth control before I came inside her. She’s not. You know a shoot went wrong when you seriously discuss Morning-After pill options.