Mother-Daughter – Backroom Casting Couch 1382

This interaction pretty much sums up the whole thing: Daughter: “Mom showed me how to suck cock”. Me to mom: “When do you teach your daughter to suck cock?” Mom: “When she needs to…” They hear the mother-daughter thing is getting big in porn and they want a piece of the money pie. They just had to wait until Mia turned 18. That’s now. When they tell me how they swap boyfriends, and watch each other have sex, I almost lose it. I verify these two are the real deal: same last name, same green eyes (minus mom’s contacts), and those unmistakable little interactions between them sets my mind at ease. This is real. They helpfully point out that their pussies look exactly the same. It’s true. They also suck cock the same way, but mom can deep-throat while Mia tries and gags. Whoring instructions 101 by mom at Backroom. Priceless. From my hospital bed I had told them on the phone about all the great things I can do for them if they do come in for a demo tape. “$1000-$5000 per day…”